Can Travel Nurses Stay In One State? Best Answer

Can travel nurses stay in one state? Yes, travel nurses can live in one state. He can stay as long as he wants. A travel nurse may move to a different location to avoid spending more than 12 months out of 24 consecutive months in the same location for tax purposes.

Travel nurses are generally subject to IRS rules. So they cannot stay in the same place for long, even if they want to.

If they stay in the same place for a long period, they must come under income tax. According to the U.S., there are very strict rules regarding taxes.

The IRS wants the legal residents of a state to be able to return and visit such states anytime they want, irrespective of where they work or live in the U.S. – regardless of any project or other reason or even returning back because our state has an offer of work or whatever.

Travel Nurse is not a resident of a state. In Nursing, the travel nurse process is not new. Travel Nurse jobs are available in all the states of the U.S. for nursing professionals.

Travel nurses will be able to stay in one state as long as they want to. That is their wish and comfortability according to them.

Can Travel Nurses Stay In One State?

Travel nurses spend very little time in one place. Because they don’t want to come under income tax, they usually want to spend less than 12 months at the same time.

If they spend more time in the same place, they have to pay income tax. They will then no longer be considered travel nurses. Then they will be entitled to a full-time job.

If you think, how can they get a new job again in such a short time? A travel nurse receives new job offers very rarely.

Can Travel Nurses Stay In One State
Can Travel Nurses Stay In One State

There are many agencies for their jobs. One can get a job very easily through them. So, there is no need to worry about finding a new job again.

Travel nurses are considered independent contractors. They will stop being travel nurses once they start working for one employer for more than 12 months continuously.

If you want to stay in one state, hire more people and work in the same place for more than a month, then you will have to work like a permanent employee of the company, whether it is a registered agency or not.

Can You Be A Travel Nurse In Your Own City?

Yes, You can become a travel nurse in your own city by contacting your agencies and institutions. Becoming a travel nurse must follow IRS requirements.

Things to know before becoming a travel nurse in your own city advantages and disadvantages of becoming a travel nurse in your own city.

All travel nurses must make sure that they can fully follow the rules and regulations of the IRS while being travel nurses in their own city.

How Much Time Can You Take Off Between Travel Nurse Contracts?

According to the new requirements of the IRS, a travel nurse can take one month off between his contracts for whatever reason he wants.

In addition, he should spend at least 3 months in the same location before taking a break of one month.

Can You Work Two Travel Assignments At The Same Time?

A travel nurse can work on two assignments at the same time. Each agency has different requirements.

If you are thinking of working in more than one place at the same time, you should check the terms and conditions of the first company you contract with. Then you contract with another company.

But better if you work extra time in an organization, i.e., want to work outside your specific duty, then you can work overtime. It will increase your efficiency.

What Are The IRS Guidelines For Travel Nurses?

The full meaning of IRS is Internal Revenue Service. Travel nurses do not have to pay income tax if they comply with the IRS. They must pay income tax if they do not comply with the conditions.

IRS is the travel guide for travel nurses. It provides guidelines for travel nurses to stay in the state. IRS is the authority for program or administration matters.

The IRS mostly governs travel nurses. So, any travel nurse who wants to live in a different state must follow all the rules and regulations provided by the IRS.

The IRS is a kind of governing body that regulates travel nurses and provides them with new guidelines on staying in one place.

Do Travel Nurses Get Free Housing?

Yes, Most agencies provide free accommodation during the assignment. They give you a housing allowance if you don’t accept housing. You can take either one.

Where Do Traveling Nurses Stay?

Travel nurses may stay in agency housing during their assignments. Travel nurses can stay in the star’s preferred location if desired.

Most travel nurses stay in hotels during their assignments. If a hospital allows them to stay for a long time, then they can move there.

Otherwise, they have to go back and forth every day or week. You can also live in an apartment if you have your own apartment. Or you can rent an apartment from the agency if it is available.

They also have another option – live with other travel nurses for an even greater cost saving or not, depending on their preference and individual budget requirements.

What State Pays The Most For Travel Nurses?

Pay varies by state and also by employer. The highest-paying states are New Hampshire, California, Nevada, Hawaii, Washington, and Maine.

How Far Can Travel Nurses Go?

Travel nurses can travel according to the rules and regulations of the IRS. They can move up to the 50th state. They cannot go beyond the 50th state unless they apply for an extension with their employer.

But, if they do not like the place and are ready to move on, they can remain in one place for one year without a break and then move on.

Can You Stay In The Same City As A Travel Nurse?

Yes, You can stay in the same city as a travel nurse. But you have to follow the IRS rules to stay in the same city.

If you do not follow the IRS rules, then the IRS will not allow this. If you choose to work in your city, you have to work like a permanent employee in one company or institution.

If you want to stay in the same city, then contact your agencies and institutions.


Travel nurses are subject to IRS regulations. They can stay in the same state, subject to IRS conditions. Travel nurses do not have to pay income tax.

They do not work for an organization for more than 12 months, according to the IRS. They usually work for different terms on different contracts.

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How Many Days A Week Do Travel Nurses Work?

Contracts generally differ depending on the employing agency. Travel nurses typically have a 40-hour work week. It may be in different shifts. It consists of five 8-hour, four 10-hour, or three 12-hour shifts.
But it varies by organization and employee composition. Travel nurses’ hours may vary according to their contracts.

Do Travel Nurses Pay For Housing?

Travel nurses do not need to pay for their housing. The agency provides free accommodation during the assignment. If you do not accept an accommodation, the agency will provide you with a housing allowance. You can take either one or both, depending on your situation.

Where Do Travel Nurses Normally Stay?

Travel nurses usually stay in agency-provided housing. But they can stay according to their choice if they want. They can stay in the star’s preferred location if desired.

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