How To Keep Humira Cold While Traveling: Amazing 6 Tips

Humira is emergency medicine, so knowing how to keep Humira cold while traveling is essential. Humira is a cold medication that works best in colder temperatures. Humira should be stored in a refrigerator at 2-8°C, but do not freeze.

Humira should be kept wrapped in a carton until it is time to use it. The refrigerator can be used to keep it cool, but be careful not to freeze below the specified temperature. If you travel, a single Humira pre-filled pen or pre-filled syringe can be stored at room temperature (below 25°C) for up to 14 days. But it must be protected from light.

It may lose its effectiveness when exposed to heat or light. Once it is removed from the refrigerator for storage at room temperature, the syringe or pen must be used within 14 days. Even if it is returned to the refrigerator later, it must be discarded. If you carry extra syringes or pens, they should also be refrigerated.

Today in this post, we will know how to keep Humira cool while traveling and how to keep Humira functional without any problem while traveling in a car, plane, or any vehicle.

How To Keep Humira Cold While Traveling

Humira is a biological drug prescribed by doctors for children and adults with rheumatoid arthritis. It is in liquid form and requires refrigeration. Humira is an FDA-approved drug for the treatment of some types of Crohn’s disease and other resistant forms of inflammatory bowel disease.

Humira works by blocking the action of certain proteins and enzymes that cause inflammation in the body.  For storage when traveling, store in the original container in the refrigerator at 2°C-8°C/36°F-46°F. You can store it at room temperature (below 25°C) for 14 days. But must be kept away from light.

How To Keep Humira Cold While Traveling
How To Keep Humira Cold While Traveling

Do not expose Humira directly to sunlight, as this could damage the medication and decrease its potency. Store with lid closed.

If you can properly refrigerate Humira when you travel, you can take it with you on airplanes. Because Humira is TSA maker approved. If you want, you can fill out the TSA creator-specific form before you travel and take it with you. But that’s not important.

If you have Humira with you during the trip, take a little more time than necessary. Because whether you are traveling internationally or traveling by air, your luggage can be scanned.

Take your specialist doctor’s prescription with you before taking Humira while traveling. It will help you on your journey. And take the original envelope of Humira with you. Humira should be stored at 2°C-8°C/36°F-46°F, never frozen. This is why traveling with Humira is difficult without preparation.

Here Are Amazing 6 Tips To Keep Humira Cold While Traveling:

1. Humira Travel Kit:

There are Humira travel kits available on the market. They are prepared for people like us who want to travel with Humira. There is a special zipper bag for your Humira. It keeps your Humira cold for up to 24 hours. These kits are also available on Amazon and E-bay, but keep an eye out because sometimes these kits do not work very well as promised and can be very expensive.

2. Mini Fridge:

You can use a mini fridge while traveling by car. Mini fridges can usually be used in cars with very low power. Mini fridges can usually be used in cars with very low power. You can use a portable fridge or mini fridge in the car if you are traveling with Humira.

3. Ice Cube:

Ice cubes can be placed in a bag or box and placed in the Humira medicine container. It helps in keeping cool for a long time. This allows you to travel with Humira at a very low cost.

4. Travel Cooler Bag:

Some companies sell cooler bags for travel. These coolers are specially designed to be used in cars, buses, and airplanes. You can use these bags if you want.

5. Thermo-Blocker:

You can also use a Thermo-blocker for Humira travel. These heat-absorbing plastic bags are designed to keep liquid medications cool and fresh.

6. Normal Temperature:

When traveling, you can take Humira with you if you are sure that the temperature of your destination will be below 25 degrees Celsius.

Special Note:

Above all, if you have Humira while traveling, it is best to consult your specialist doctor before traveling. How to keep Humira cool while you travel is best advised by a specialist doctor. If you are using any of the above methods, then definitely consult a specialist doctor before use. Also, for details on how you can keep Humira cold, join AbbVie Care online or call 0800 848 243.

Which Is The Best Travel Cooler For Humira?

Many people need these coolers, which are specially designed to keep medicines like Humira at the right temperature while in transit. And AbbVie Care can help you with this issue to the very best of its ability.

Please let us know through the comments section below if you have any further questions or suggestions on how to keep Humira cold while traveling. We appreciate your feedback.

When traveling with Humira, it should be kept refrigerated or at specified temperatures and kept out of light. Otherwise, it will lose its effectiveness. Many types of Humira coolers or Humira travel kits are available in the market. You can use these very easily. Or you can use any of the above methods. Below are the best travel worms on the market:

1. ALLCAMP Insulin Cooler Travel Bag:

This is a lightweight and convenient cooler bag for people who have to deal with all kinds of drugs while they are traveling. It has an insulating layer that keeps medicine fresh. This bag is easy to use and very comfortable. It can be used in all types of vehicles, even if they are open cars, buses, or planes.

You can use this cooler for traveling anywhere. This cooler is perfect for long car trips, river rafting, or long walks. You can use it very easily.

ALLCAMP Insulin Cooler Travel Bag

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2. DISONCARE Temp Display Travel Insulin Cooler Case:

This cooler is quite different from others. It is an expensive case, but it has many features that other coolers do not have. You can use this cooler with all medications. It is also portable, lightweight, and easy to use by anyone.

The coolers have a special layer that protects the medicine and gives Humira a longer shelf life. The inner layer of the cooler is transparent and allows you to take a look at the Humira liquid itself while you are traveling. This is very safe for traveling with your Humira.

DISONCARE Temp Display Travel Insulin Cooler Case

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This cooler is full of high capacity. It can keep Humira at 36-46°F (2-8°C) for 24 hours and 35.6-77℉ (2-25℃) for 48 hours. This cooler can be filled with emergency bottled ice water. Can cool medication for up to 60 hours, similar to an insulin cooler to extend the cooling time by 12 hours.

This cooler is TSA approved and baggage check-in accepted. It protects Humira and medications that need to be refrigerated and is a great travel essential cooler.

3. MEDMODS Insulin Cooler Travel Case:

This is another great cooler for travel. The case is designed to be very simple and easy to use. It comes with a special device called a clamshell which fits perfectly in your hand. This clamshell is designed with a very comfortable soft texture that fits like a glove. You can carry it easily and comfortably with this clamshell.

This cooler contains an insulated base that keeps medicine at the right temperature while traveling. This cooler case can be used with any medicines, and you can also use it to keep Humira. It is available in small, medium, and large sizes, depending on the size of your Humira and medicines.

MEDMODS Insulin Cooler Travel Case

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This cooler is also made of a special material that is environmentally friendly. It is anti-slip, especially on humid days, and has a very safe lock that you can use to fix the main tray. This allows you to keep your medicines safe while traveling.

How To Traveling To Europe With Humira?

Many ask how to travel with Humira to Europe, Africa, and other places. You can take Humira for travel if you have a prescription from your doctor. You can also store Humira at room temperature.

You can use the normal ice box if you don’t have a special cooler for Humira. You should try refrigerating it as much as possible while traveling with Humira.

Before traveling with Humira, you should get a specialist doctor’s prescription. It is not possible to travel without a doctor’s prescription. If you have Humira with you at the international border of a country or at any check-in, inform the authorities in advance about Humira.

Below Are Some Things To Have When Traveling To Europe With Humira:

  • Keep Humira in the original package.
  • Carry the specialist doctor’s prescription with you.
  • Carry the documents related to the purchase of Humira.
  • You can store Humira at room temperature but at least below 25 degrees Celsius. It is best if you store Humira at 36-46°F (2-8°C).

If you want to travel with Humira, then it is best to consult your doctor before using it and ensure that there are no risks for you or the people around you. If there are any risks, please inform the person taking care of your traveling before going on the trip.

How Do I Keep My Medication (Humira) Cool On The Plane?

You can keep your medication cool on the plane, but only by following the right procedure. And this is the most important thing while traveling with Humira. You can keep your Humira cool by following these guidelines:

1. Keep the Humira at room temperature before it is time to head to the airport.

2. Place it in an insulated cooler bag along with a cold source like ice or frozen gel packs that will be used on a regular basis during travel, and seal with a strong clip or duct tape if possible.

3. Keep the Humira in your carry-on bag, and place it inside an overhead compartment or under a seat that is guaranteed to be cool.

4. When you get to the airport, check your cooler bag or suitcase at the gate.

If you are travelling by plane, you can use the DISONCARE Temp Display Travel Insulin Cooler Case to keep Humira cool while traveling by plane. It is most secure and hassle-free. It is most secure and hassle-free for travelling with Humira.


It is easy to travel with Humira, and you can always keep Humira with you. Keep it in some cool travel bag for safekeeping. When you are travelling, use an insulated carrier or cooler case that prevents Humira from absorbing into other baggage or the environment. Keep it at room temperature, just below 30°F (2°C). Use ice packs as well to keep it cold in the cooler bag.

I hope you have learned a lot of tips to travel with Humira on your next trip and also need any more information; comment down below.

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When Does HUMIRA Expire?

The expiration date of HUMIRA is two years from the date of manufacture. The manufacturer has given it a specific duration. Also, if you store it at room temperature, then it cannot be used after 14 days.

Is HUMIRA Still Good After Expiration Date?

No, it should not be used after the expiry date. You can check the expiry date on the carton. It is not always good after its expiry date. Use any medicine before it expires.

How Long Can I Store HUMIRA?

It should be stored in the refrigerator at 36-46°F. It should not be frozen or exposed to a high temperature of approximately 77°F or higher. HUMIRA must be thrown away if it has expired or if it has been frozen. Humira can be stored at room temperature below 25°C. It must be kept away from light. It loses its effectiveness when exposed to sunlight.

Can You Inject HUMIRA Cold?

Before taking a Humira injection, one should follow the advice of a specialist doctor. Your specialist doctor will be able to tell you whether you work better in cold or hot temperatures. So follow the doctor’s advice.

Where Is The Best Place To Inject HUMIRA?

Before taking a Humira injection, one should follow the advice of a specialist doctor. Your specialist doctor will choose where you will receive the injection. You don’t choose it. Always follow your doctor’s advice when using Humira.

What Time Of Day Is Best To Take Humira?

Your specialist doctor will also tell you what time of day it is best to take Humira. Always follow your doctor’s advice when using Humira.

Can Humira Cause Weight Gain?

Humira only works to treat the symptoms of your RA. Weight gain depends on the amount of food you eat. Excess weight could be a sign of other medical conditions or health problems.

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