How To Travel With Two Backpacks: The Best 5 Benefits

How to travel with two backpacks! Travelling is one of the best parts of life. It’s an opportunity to see new places, meet new people, and experience different cultures.

Though there are many ways to travel, most backpackers prefer to do it with just a few items on their backs.

To avoid carrying large, heavy things with you on your shoulders, the best way is to get a backpack.

Solo travelers usually have just one bag, but people traveling in pairs or groups may have an extra backpack for their partner or friend.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how you can pack light and still have all the necessities for your trip!

How To Travel With Two Backpacks

If you’re traveling with two backpacks, you have to be sure that they are both the right size. 

Otherwise, one will always be too big or too small. It can also result in them being awkwardly placed on your body.

How to travel with two backpacks
How to travel with two backpacks

If it is a backpack and duffel bag combo, then there needs to be some balance between the weight of each item so that the load isn’t unevenly distributed onto one side of your body all day long.

Out how many items fit into what size backpack and if you need more than one pack for your trip. Follow these tips

1. A 40-liter pack can hold about 20 pounds of gear comfortably without feeling heavy or looking bulky on most people’s backs. If you’re planning on doing some serious hiking, go with something larger.

2. Alternatively, a 50-liter pack can handle around 25 pounds for most people. Even if the weight isn’t too much to carry through your hike, it’s nice to know you have plenty of room for all your supplies.

3. If you are trying to bring along two packs, you should stack them on top of each other rather than in one larger bag. This will keep the load balanced and save your back from unnecessary pain!

4. If you have one large backpack for all your gear, it’s best to put the heaviest items closest to your back. This will prevent strain on your shoulders that could lead to irritation or injury.

5. Lightweight, durable materials are best for your backpack if you plan on walking through a lot of different terrains or going somewhere where it could get wet at times.

On the other hand, if you’re just curious about exploring a new place and may not be using your pack all the time, something more heavy-duty will give you peace of mind.

6. The size of a duffel bag is measured by its cubic feet. The smallest you should go for your trip is around 30 liters, which could fit about 10 pounds of clothes and supplies.

If you’re planning on doing some light traveling or don’t plan on carrying much at all, stick with a smaller bag that’s easy to carry around.

7. One of the best things you can do to keep your supplies organized is to use packing cubes. They help with organizing different clothes and gear, which makes it easy for you to pull everything out at once without having to search through an endless amount of stuff!

8. If you’re only bringing one duffel bag, make sure it’s not bigger than your backpack. You don’t want to carry something that isn’t comfortable or is too heavy for extended periods.

9. Two bags should be enough space for your trip depending on how much stuff you plan on bringing with you! If you need more room, consider getting a bigger duffel bag or adding another backpack on top of the one you already have.

Knowing how to pack light will mean less time organizing and more time exploring!

5 Best Tips For Two Backpacks

1. Pack Your Clothing Into Two Backpacks

Choose a smaller 30-liter roll-top backpack that is weatherproof for your daypack and a larger 50-liter pack for the rest of your clothes. Put the heaviest items closest to you in the bigger one.

In your big backpack make two pouches

one for dirty laundry and one for camping gear (toilet paper, hand sanitizer, etc.)

Organize your smaller pack with packing cubes for different items of clothing. Make sure that the heaviest items are at the bottom and closest to you while wearing them.

How to travel with two backpacks
How to travel with two backpacks

This will prevent soreness in your shoulders after traveling all day long.

Your sleeping bag can be used as a divider between clean clothes and dirty laundry, which will also help with separating wet gear from dry goods.

The items on your packing list should be divided into three categories

Clothing, camping & outdoor gear, and electronics. If you have a lot of gadgets or a sensitive camera, put those in a separate pouch within your roll-top backpack or at the bottom of your big duffel bag.

Pack each category into a packing cube or compression sack for easy organization!

Cocoon travel sheets can add an extra layer of comfort for sleeping on planes, trains, and bus rides while preventing bed bugs from making their way onto your clothes or body. If you have a lot of clothing packed in your backpack, take off your.

2. Pack A Carry-On Backpack To Bring On The Plane With

Your tablet, headphones, and other electronics. This will prevent extra weight in your checked luggage.

Your carry-on bag should be smaller than the size of a backpack since you’ll need to store it under the seat in front of you during your flight.

Make sure that this bag isn’t too heavy or big so that it doesn’t weigh you down while walking around the airport or on the long train ride from the city to your destination.

Amenities Kit

Include a few items for emergencies: Bandaids, Tylenol, umbrella, travel locks, and a flashlight with batteries will all come in handy during tough situations where you’ll need a little help staying comfortable.

A small towel is good to have on hand for camping, festivals, swimming in rivers or the ocean, and drying out wet clothes.

Make sure that your umbrella has a cover so that it doesn’t get dirty after being thrown around in your bag!

You might need both depending on the length of your trip.

3. Take Out Any Liquids That Are Over 3 Ounces Before Going Through Security To

Avoid having to throw it out or pay extra money for the carry-on.

Pack your toiletry bag in a packing cube so that you can easily find everything without rummaging through your backpack.

Keep any liquids in Ziploc bags just in case they spill!

4. Make Sure You Have Plenty Of Snacks For Long Flights

Pack everything into your main duffel bag for checking in with the airline.

You might have to rearrange the bag after putting it through security, so put your laptop and other electronics on top for quick access.

Then place snacks in easy-to-reach smaller pouches within your backpack.

When you get to your destination, keep all of your luggage stored away until you are ready to leave again!

Light meals during air travel will give you comfort. So keep some light food at hand.

5. Use A Separate Bag For Laptop, Camera, And Other Electronics

An organizer will come in handy to keep smaller items in place while traveling.

Don’t forget a travel lock to keep your backpack zipped closed whenever you’re in a crowded area!

A rain cover for your backpack is a must-have with wet weather or when going on long hikes through mud and dirt trails.

How to travel with two backpacks electronics
How to travel with two backpacks electronics

Pack each category into a packing cube or compression sack for easy organization!

cocoon travel sheets can add an extra layer of comfort for sleeping on planes, trains, and bus rides while preventing bed bugs from making their way onto your clothes or body. If you have a lot of clothing packed in your backpack, take off your.

The Best 5 Benefits Of Traveling With Two Backpacks

1.  Easier Airport Security

Security check-in will be faster because you can get two backpacks ready at once.

2. Quicker Camping Set Up

Set up camp twice as fast with two backpacks! No more fumbling around in the dark trying to find all of your equipment while looking like a lost child in front of everyone else who has already set up camp.

How to travel with two backpacks
How to travel with two backpacks

3. Easier For Day Trips To Other Cities

You can leave one bag in your hostel, hotel, or Airbnb while you travel around the city with the other backpack all by yourself!

No more waiting for a tour group or having to worry about asking strangers to watch your stuff while you’re taking a quick bathroom break.

4. More Comfortable Bus Rides

You can strap your packs securely to the luggage rack at the top of the bus, which will free up space for your legs or provide extra storage room! You won’t have to worry about your backpack sliding off during bumpy roads because it’ll be strapped down tightly.

5. Organizing With Different Backpacks For Quick Packing

You can pack half of your stuff in one backpack, and the other half in the other to make sure everything fits.

Packing cubes or compression sacs will come in handy when you need separate smaller compartments inside a larger bag!

Pack bulky items like a sleeping bag at the very bottom of your backpack so you have more room for clothes and other smaller items.

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Pack the bulkier clothing on tops, such as a jacket or extra sweater to free up space inside your bag.

Place smaller electronics in an organizer that easily slides into one of your packing cubes!

Spare batteries can be kept safe from moisture with a waterproof.

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Difficulty Traveling With Two Backpacks

Heavy And Less Flexible

Two backpacks may be bulkier and heavier than one big backpack, which means you will probably feel more tired after a long day of walking around.

More To Think About While Packing

You have to be even more organized with two backpacks because everything has to fit inside both without making either too heavy.

Difficult To Go On Day Trips Alone

You may need to ask other people for help with carrying your second backpack so you can travel around the city without any hassle!

Clumsy And Less Safe At Crowded Events

If you’re going to a music festival or another crowded event, it would be difficult for you to manage two backpacks while still being able to enjoy the festivities.

Bulky To Carry Around On Long Hikes

It will be more difficult for you to get through an uphill climb with a heavy backpack because of its weight pulling against your body, making it harder for you!

How Do I Carry Two Backpacks?

1.  Use A Backpack With Two Straps And Extra Padding

If you’re going to be traveling with heavy backpacks for long periods, make sure the backpack has thick straps and lots of padding on the back!

You can also get a waist strap that will help distribute the weight more evenly throughout your body.

2. Use Smaller Backpacks

If you’re going to be carrying around small backpacks, try not to go over 45L otherwise, it will become too heavy.

You can also get a backpack that has straps on the side so you can attach another backpack using clips, buckles, or metal loops!

3. Use Both Hands While Walking

Make sure to use both hands while walking around with your backpacks so you won’t fall over or hurt yourself!

What Is The Best Way To Carry Two Backpacks Together When Traveling, One Big And One Small?

1. Use A Backpack With Straps On The Side

You can use this type of backpack to attach your small backpack using clips, buckles, or metal loops! This way you won’t have to worry about carrying both backpacks by yourself.

2. Use Compression Cubes For Smaller Items

Compression cubes are great for organizing smaller items like socks, underwear, and accessories! You can use cubes to separate all the smaller items in your larger backpack.

3. Use Two Waist Straps For Extra Support

If you’re not used to carrying heavy backpacks around for long periods, make sure to get a waist strap that will help distribute the weight more evenly throughout your body.

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We hope these tips will help you on your next adventure! Whether it’s a weekend getaway or an extended trip around the world, we want to make sure that packing for two backpacks is as easy and hassle-free as possible.

If there are any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below so we can answer them.

Thanks again for reading – happy travels!

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