What To Wear While Travelling In Train: Amazing 15 Tips

What to wear while travelling in train! Train travel is a great way to see the world.

Whether you are traveling across the country or just down the street, train travel can be comfortable and even luxurious if you plan.

It’s important to dress appropriately for your trip so that you remain comfortable while enjoying your journey.

While most people don’t think twice about what they’re going to wear before hopping on a plane, train travel requires a bit more planning.

Train rides can be longer than flights, so it’s important to pack accordingly. Here are some tips on what to wear when traveling by train.

What To Wear While Travelling In Train

While traveling on the train, your clothes give an impression to others about you. You should be careful while selecting your travel outfit as it is not just a mode of transport but also a way to impress people around you.

What to wear while travelling in train
What to wear while travelling in train

Make sure that the fabrics are comfortable and easy to move around in. If you are planning on sitting for long hours then choose something that will keep you cool and fresh throughout the journey.

Your shoes should be comfortable enough so that they do not put pressure on your feet or cause any kind of pain.

The clothes must be appropriate for both summers and winters so make sure you check whether it’s suitable for all seasons before buying them!

Here are 15 tips on what to wear when traveling by train, these tips will make your train journey comfortable and memorable.

1. Wear Comfy Clothes

 Make sure your clothes are comfortable and easy to move around in. If you are planning on sitting for long hours then choose something that will keep you cool and fresh throughout the journey.

Your clothes should be appropriate for both summers and winters so make sure you check whether it’s suitable for all seasons before buying them!

2. Wear Proper Shoes

Your shoes should be comfortable enough so that they do not put pressure on your feet or cause any kind of pain. 

Carry a slipper with you when traveling by train. So that you can use it if needed. Using it will give your feet the comfort of open air.

Wearing closed shoes is a must! It may be hard to find a toilet on the train so make sure you wear closed shoes which can save you from stinking feet.

Closed shoes also help you maintain your hygiene as it covers the whole foot and not just your toes.

3. Keep Yourself Tidy

While traveling on the train, you must be presentable at all times. This means making sure that your hair is neat, your clothes are clean and ironed and you smell good.

In case of long journeys, make sure to carry a small bag with all your essentials for an overnight trip.

4. Bring Socks, Underwear, And Toiletries With You To Avoid Carrying Them On The Train

It’s always better to be prepared for the worst! You should carry all your essentials with you rather than wasting time looking for them once you are on the train.

Keep toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, etc. along with you so that you don’t have to run behind people asking for these items while waiting at the train station.

Underwear is essential for women. So, instead of putting on the same dirty underwear, you wore all day at home, make sure you wear clean ones in case an emergency arises.

Socks are a must for traveling on the train. You can never know when your footwear gives away or if you have to take off your shoes due to some reason!

So, make sure that you change into clean socks before entering the train.

5. Wear a scarf or sweater to keep warm

In winter, it can get really cold inside the train. So make sure you wear a sweater or a scarf to avoid catching a cold while traveling on the train.

6. Pack Light – Don’t Bring More Than One Bag With You

Packing your bag before leaving for the station is very important. You should never carry too many things while traveling on a train as it can make you tired and exhausted.

So, if you are planning on purchasing anything once you reach the destination station, make sure to keep it at a minimum while packing!

7.  Bring Snacks And Water With You So You Don’t Have To Buy It On The Train

Nobody likes buying food from the train pantry as it is usually stale and overpriced.

So, make sure you carry your snacks and water bottles with you so that you don’t have to buy them on the train.

8. Sit Near The Window For Better Views Of Your Surroundings

Instead of sitting near the aisle, try and sit near the window so that you can enjoy views of your surroundings.

Do not put your head or hands outside the window, even if you make a mistake while sitting by the window while traveling by train. This can lead to accidents.

9. Get Up And Stretch Every Hour To Avoid Stiffness In Your Muscles

Staying seated for a long time can lead to stiffness in the muscles and pain in the joints.

So, you should take short breaks every hour to stretch your legs as it will not only make you feel fresh but also avoid you from getting blood clots.

10. Remember To Charge All Your Electronics Before Travelling

Charging your phone or laptop before leaving for the station can save you in case of emergencies.

So, make sure you carry all your electronic gadgets like phones, laptops, etc. with fully charged batteries!

11. Keep An Eye Out For Pickpockets

Never leave your belongings unattended while on the train as there are chances of thieves picking through your purses and bags.

So, even if you go to the washroom or want some food from the pantry, take all your belongings with you!

12. Keep A Pen And Paper Handy In Case There Is Any Emergency

You never know when you might need to write something down urgently. Keeping a pen and notepad with you can help you do that in case of emergencies.

13. If Someone Approaches You Asking For Money Or Something Else, Say No Firmly But Politely

You should always stay alert while you are on the train. If someone approaches you to ask for money or anything else, just say no politely but firmly.

Also, avoid opening your purse or wallet in front of others as it can attract them to you!

14.  Keep The Necessary Documents Carefully

Make sure to keep your passport and other important documents in a safe place so that nobody can take them from you.

Also, never give a copy of your boarding pass or ticket to anyone as they include sensitive information about you!

15. Try To Sit Next To Someone You Know

Sitting beside someone you know can make your journey more enjoyable. So, try and sit beside a friend or relative while traveling on the train! You will be able to chat with them or play games together.

Or, Sit near people who are traveling like you, especially if they’re locals, and can help with directions and other information about where you’re going.

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The Dangers And Pitfalls Of Traveling By Train

Ignore the following tasks when traveling by train

1. Avoid wearing skirts and dresses as they can get dirty easily.

2. Avoid wearing heels as they can get stuck in the footboard and get worn out easily!

3. Never board a train if you are feeling unwell or sick. Wait for another one instead!

4. Try not to keep any valuables with you when traveling by train, preferably use a locker in the station.

5. If you have a smartphone, don’t use it if you’re traveling on a moving train as it can lead to accidents!

6. Standing near the door while the train is in motion is dangerous and should be avoided.

7. Avoid lending or borrowing anything from anybody when traveling by train, including food items!

Now, you are aware of the dangers and pitfalls of traveling by train. Keep these points in mind before you board a train next time!

What things do we carry while Travelling during a train journey?

1. Any liquid items such as water bottles, soft drinks, etc.

2. Snacks like chips and biscuits to keep yourself hydrated and hungry at the same time!

3. Some money if you want to buy anything from the pantry or go to the washroom.

4. A hand sanitizer and face wipes to freshen up if you are traveling for a long time.

5. An umbrella in case it rains while traveling!

6. A small flashlight with spare batteries in case the power shuts down in between or when traveling at night.

7. Your phone charger and tickets to avoid any issues at the counter!

And most importantly, your identity proofs and other important documents like passports and visas!

8. Lastly, don’t forget to carry all the essentials that you need to stay refreshed and stress-free during your train journey!

So, these were some tips and tricks on how to travel in trains with ease and comfort! You will follow the laws of the country you are traveling in by train.

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What should you not do when traveling?

1. Your Everyday Skirts, Dresses, Mini-Skirts

Skirts are not recommended since they can get dirty easily and hold your way when you have to sit down on the seat.

Dresses are also a no-no as they can create obstacles for other people or yourself while getting up or sitting down!

So avoid wearing them if you are traveling by train.

2. Avoid Wearing Heels While Traveling By Train

Wearing heels can get you stuck in the footboard of the train if your heel gets stuck between the tracks!

So, it is advisable to wear flats while traveling by train. Also, keep changing your footwear before stepping out of the station or boarding a moving train.

3. Don’t Travel By Train During Festivals

During festivals, people usually rush to their home towns so it is advisable not to travel by trains during them.

This is not only because of the crowd but also due to security reasons as many times, riots and strikes on railway tracks can create a lot of trouble for you!

4. Don’t Drink On Trains

It is not only illegal to drink on trains but also dangerous for you! As many thefts have been reported in the past where people have lost their belongings while they were drunk and were not aware of what was happening around them.

So better avoid drinking on trains as it can create a lot of trouble for you!

5. Keep Away From Loitering And Suspicious People

This is the most obvious thing to do but still, it needs to be mentioned since loitering and suspicious behavior by strangers on trains has been reported sometimes.

All you need to do is stay alert and create awareness about yourself if someone or several people are doing something weird.

6. Never Board A Moving Train

This is one of the most important train travel tips that everyone needs to know.

Never board a moving train even if it’s tempting as you can lose your way or balance especially in crowded trains so wait for the next one!

7. Don’t Sit On Top Of Your Luggage

If you are sitting on your luggage, there is a chance that someone could come and steal it without you even knowing. So, always keep your luggage on the side or in front of you while traveling by train.

8. Cover Yourself With A Sheet If You Are Traveling During Nights

If you are traveling by train during the night, always make sure that no one can view you through the windows of the compartment because of which covering yourself with a sheet is always advisable.

So, be cautious and cover yourself!

9. Don’t Board General Compartments

General compartments are not only crowd-prone but they are also not very clean as compared to sleeper class or air-conditioned coaches.

Also, the restrooms are usually unclean which can make your journey very unpleasant so it’s better.

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If you’re going to be traveling on a train, you must dress appropriately. Train travel can create uncomfortable conditions for passengers, and dressing in layers will help keep the temperature at a comfortable level.

Be sure to stay hydrated by carrying around water with you whenever possible, and wear earplugs so outside noise doesn’t interfere with your ability to sleep restfully.

Pack healthy snacks like dried fruit to enjoy when hunger strikes mid-journey.

Train journeys are not only about the destination but also about the journey itself. You can make your train journey memorable by following these tips!

Thank you for reading! We hope that these tips will help you travel in trains more comfortably and make your journey a lot more fun.

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Have a nice trip!

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