How To Travel Around Canada Without A Car: Top 7 Best Ways

Canada is the second largest country in the world; in this post, we will know how to travel around Canada without a car. To travel without a car, first of all, you need to plan the trip properly. Where to start and where to go. You can also use public transport, car rental, and boat trips to travel to Canada without a car.

It’s not impossible to tour Canada without a car. In fact, it’s entirely possible to see the country by plane, rail, bus, and even bike if you want to experience Canada in all its glory. But while plane flights into Canada are plentiful and relatively inexpensive, they can also be pricey.

The advantages of traveling around Canada without a car, No need to pay for parking or gas, a Speedy trip, and your holiday does not get spoiled due to driving with Friends and family, etc. You also don’t have to worry about getting lost, finding parking or fuel, as well as avoiding paperwork like vehicle registration, etc.

Traveling around Canada without a car is not impossible; see below some of the best possible ways to do it. Below are some tips and websites for getting around Canada without a car.

Traveling to Canada without a car is quite easy. Multiple options are available for you if you want to travel by air, rail, or bus. If you are planning your trip, you need to consider where you will stay and what mode of transport will be best suited for your trip.

How To Travel Around Canada Without A Car: Top 7 Best Ways

Traveling to Canada without a car can be quite expensive for you because it is one of the most expensive countries in the world. If you travel to Canada without a car, you must have a proper plan.

Traveling around Canada without a car is not impossible. You can rent cars in major cities like Toronto and Vancouver etc. If you are visiting these places, then getting around by car will be quite easy for you.

Traveling in Canada without a car is quite easy in various Canadian cities due to their public transportation system as well as cheap taxi/limousine services.

Below Are The Top 7 Best Ways How To Travel Around Canada Without A Car

1. Public Transportation

This is one of the most popular ways how to travel around Canada without a car. There are various public transportation services available in major Canadian cities, and you can use them with ease.

Traveling by Public Busses

Canada has lots of public bus services for their citizens. These buses come with discounted fares applicable for long distances and are very handy for travelers who want to save money on their travel costs.

How To Travel Around Canada Without A Car
How To Travel Around Canada Without A Car

There are several websites for public bus services in Canada, such as BusBud, and Megabus. From there you can book tickets according to your travel plan and what kind of facilities you will get during the travel.

Traveling by Train

Various Canadian railways offer services to their citizens traveling in and out of the country. You can check the websites for more details about train routes and ticket booking.

Rail services are suitable for all types of passengers. Many passengers may think that the cost of air travel is high. The alternative for them is this rail service.

If you want to travel by train, you can find various sites to get train tickets according to your plans, one of which is VIA Rail Canada.

2. Ridesharing

If you are not traveling alone, it’s even easier to take taxis and limousines. You can find various taxi services online that can be used to make bookings per day, week, or month.

The website for booking taxis is Find You can choose various options according to your budget and the distance you want to travel, etc. They also have a wide range of taxis available in every region of Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal areas, as well as other regions of Canada.

3. Renting A Car

If you do not want to travel by public transport then renting a car is suggested. From there, you can have a car according to your preferences, and you can drive it according to your comfort level.

To rent a car, you first need to check rental sites like, etc. Through these sites, you can book cars according to your plans and budgets, etc.

4. Traveling by Boat

If you want to travel to Canada by boat, then you can use these available services. If the service is available from the departure city to the destination city, then book tickets accordingly. Various types of boats are available in Canada with different rates and facilities, services from Toronto to Vancouver, etc.

5. Traveling by air

If you are not worried about money, then it’s better for you to travel by air. Because Canada is quite far from other countries and there are various airways available for you to fly. For example, the United States of America is quite far away from Canada.

If you want to travel between the two countries, then flying will be the most suitable option for you. It will be comfortable, and you can make your trip with ease without any problem.

6. Ferry Services

Various ferry services are available in Canada. You can rent them according to your travel plans and needs. For example, if you want to go between Vancouver and Victoria, you can consider choosing the Westin Bayshore ferry or Tsawwassen SeaBus ferries.

If you want to go from Vancouver to Victoria on the water, you can enjoy the services BC Ferries- British Columbia Ferry Services provides.

7. Bicycle Rides

Another way how to travel around Canada without a car is to travel by bicycle. You can also ride on your bike when you go on long-distance trips, if you want something cheap or if you are going on a bike with your friends and family.

When trying to find out how to travel around Canada without a car, you will find that there are plenty of options for doing so. Above, we have discussed 7 ways to make your trip easier and more comfortable for yourself.


There are many ways to travel to Canada without a car. The above article will help you in traveling around Canada without a car. But before that, we need to have some basic facts about Canada that will help us make our trip better and more comfortable.

By now, you must have cleared all the ways to travel around Canada without a car. You can use these suggestions above and make your trip more comfortable.

I hope you can take advantage of these tips and make your Canada trip more enjoyable. If you have any other questions or suggestions regarding this article, then feel free to comment below.

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Can I Travel Across Canada By Bus?

Yes, it is possible to travel across Canada by bus. The west coast includes Victoria, BC, and Vancouver, BC, while the east coast includes Halifax, Nova Scotia. Suppose you are traveling from west to east or vice versa. In that case, it may take longer than expected as you will likely have to change buses in Winnipeg, Manitoba, or Toronto, Ontario, which will add to your travel time.
As Canada is a large country, there are land routes and water routes. A large part of Canada is an archipelago. So you can travel by bus to many places if you want, but not everywhere, but you can travel by bus in big cities or big areas.

Can I Buy A Car In Canada As A Tourist?

No, you may not purchase a car in Canada as a tourist. If you are thinking of buying a car in Canada as a tourist, think again. You should know that besides the high cost of buying a vehicle and the fees that come along with it, keep in mind that visitors do not have permission to drive their vehicles on Canadian roads.

Are There Car Rental Services Available In Canada?

Canada has various car rental services available. You can find various sites online that provide these car rental services. From there, you can book cars according to your needs and budget.

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