How To Travel When You Don t Speak The Language: Perfect 8 Tips

How to travel when you don t speak the language! Many people travel to foreign countries and don’t take the necessary steps to learn the local language. This can be a big problem when traveling in a country where not everyone can speak the local language.

Despite your limited vocabulary, here are some tips to ensure you get warmer welcome while still communicating with locals.

How To Travel When You Don t Speak The Language
How To Travel When You Don t Speak The Language

Don’t give up. There is a reason many people travel through the country- they want to experience the culture, learn the language and meet new individuals.

If you give up before you even begin your journey, you’ll miss out on a lot of valuable, meaningful experiences.

How To Travel When You Don t Speak The Language

Traveling can be fun and adventurous if you’ve found yourself in a situation where you need to learn the local language before traveling for your destination. It seems like everyone else is doing just fine without. Here are some tips to help make the task more manageable.

Visit the local tourist information center and ask for a tourist guide. These people can often show you around, give you directions and answer any questions you have.

They will also be able to help get you the things that you need while in their country. If the tour guide is not available, try to find something else to offer similar services.

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The best place to start looking is a public library or big book store. Ask them if they have books on the country or location you are visiting.

Here are 8 tips on how to travel when you can’t speak the language:

1. Use Gestures And Body Language To Communicate

Learn some gestures and body language to communicate with others by using your hands and body movement.

Take a look at a dictionary of gestures and learn common phrases so that you can understand some people’s way of communicating without words.

Be open-minded and patient when traveling as it will get easier once you start mastering the language.

Also, remember that there are many ways of communicating, and if you are not fluent in the local language, do not worry as you can still communicate effectively.

2. Learn How To Say Yes And No

There are two ways you can communicate with others when learning the language. One is through sign languages, and the other is through speaking.

Speak slowly in a very soft tone of voice, be patient and allow others to speak. It may take a while to understand what the person is saying, but it’s best to be patient and convey your message.

3. Try To Learn The Names Of Common Items And Places

Common items and places have names in every language, so learning them will help you learn. You may not speak the language, but you can easily convey your message by showing things or pointing at them.

Showing them is a better option because pointing at someone or something can be misunderstood.

4. Download Google Translate

Google Translate is the most reliable way to communicate with others without speaking. It’s a free app that is available online and offline.

How To Travel When You Don t Speak The Language
How To Travel When You Don’t Speak The Language

All you need to do is enter the word, and it will provide the translation right away.

Google Translate often does not give the correct answer but gives immediate answers.

5. Hire A Local Guide

If you are in a country with other languages besides the local language, hiring a guide will be a good choice.

They will speak the local language and can offer more help than a travel companion who doesn’t speak the local language.

6. Get On An App

If you are traveling alone, take advantage of getting on an app that can translate what you say into the local language.

With this, you can communicate with locals and learn the language while you travel. Please choose the language you want to use and save it to your phone.

7. Learn A Few Words

Learning a few words will make your trip easier since you can avoid misunderstandings when traveling with others.

Do not try to learn everything at once by practicing them for every conversation. Just teach them one at one, until you can communicate in the local language.

How Leaders Speak

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8. If All Else Fails, Just Smile

Remember that smiling can make any language go further. It clearly shows your intention, and people will be more inclined to help if they see you need help.

If you are lost or trying to ask for directions, smile at them and ask them to explain in their language.

Can You Go To Another Country Without Knowing The Language?

Yes, you can, but it will be a lot harder, and it might also cost you more money. Why? You will have trouble communicating with them and going on fun activities with friends.

But don’t worry! It’s easy to travel around the world or the country of your choice without knowing the language.

What Kind Of Problems Can You Face If You Travel Without Knowing The Language?

You will have a difficult time getting around. You might have difficulty finding the places you want to go or looking for the things you like to eat.

Then, it would take you twice as much time and money to do all of these. That is not very practical.

Before traveling, study how to say a few essential words and phrases.

That way, even if no one is around who speaks your language, you can still communicate with others by saying basic phrases like “please” and “thank you.”

Remember that it is important to make a plan before you go to have fun while traveling, but it’s also important to be flexible and adapt to new locations or situations.

Learn to speak Norwegian

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Learn The Basic Language

Before traveling to different countries, you can master a few primary languages. The languages that people all over the world use. You will be able to get around quickly and save a lot of money.

If you know some essential words in the local language, you won’t need to worry about asking for directions or ordering food.

There are many ways to learn languages, but the best way is through a formal program and taking classes with native speakers.


I hope that what I have shared in this article will help you plan your next journey and prepare yourself for any potential difficulties.

Traveling is a lot more fun when you can communicate with others. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t travel without knowing the language, but you should never forget that there are ways for you to get around without even knowing any words or phrases.

Suppose all else fails, smile, and learn to say a few essential words or gestures. With these tips and resources I have shared in this article, you can travel safely.

If you have any questions regarding anything I have discussed or have any advice or tips of your own that you’d like to share, please let me know in the comments section below.

Have a nice travel!

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