How To Open Graco Travel System Stroller: Amazing 5 Advantage

How to open Graco travel system stroller! The Graco Travel System stroller has been out for a while now and it is the perfect choice for those who are always on the go. It’s very versatile, easy to use and you don’t have to worry about your child being safe because it comes with a five-point harness system.

The car seat can be removed from the base so that you can easily bring your baby from one place to another without waking them up or having their safety compromised.

How to open Graco travel system stroller
How to open Graco travel system stroller

If this sounds like something that would work perfectly for you then keep reading! I will tell you everything there is to know about how this amazing travel system works.

How To Open Graco Travel System

The Graco Travel System stroller is a great way to make traveling with your baby easier. The car seat fits right into the stroller, giving you one less thing to carry around when you’re out and about. It also folds up easily for storage in your vehicle or at home.

The Graco Travel System must be assembled correctly, for it to work properly. This stroller has two major parts: The car seat base and the stroller frame.

Opening a Graco is not too difficult. The Graco brand has different types of strollers, single strollers, and double strollers.

Below are the steps on how to open them:

Single Graco


After you have purchased a Graco, take it out of the car and take off the fabric part.


Pull up on the yellow strap to remove the buckle from its loop.


Push down on the red button that says “push”. You can now pull out the belt from under your child’s seat.


Put the belt under your seat between the seat and the base of the car seat on both sides. Make sure you pull it through one side, then push it on through to the other side so that it’s snug.


Sit down in your car first before placing your child in the car seat.


Put the belt under the chest clip so that it’s even. You should have an equal length on both sides of the buckle base, this is to avoid any discomfort for you or your child.


Make sure you pull up firmly on both ends of the belt and adjust it so it’s even.


Reattach the buckle on both sides of the car seat base by clicking the yellow button so that they are flat against the base.

Double stroller


Assemble both strollers by attaching the front wheels onto the stroller frame.


Next, attach the seat of one stroller to its base. Make sure you do not tighten any screws yet.


Stretch out each bungee cord on side of your stroller’s seat and unbuckle it.


Attach the other stroller’s car seat to its base. Now make sure you tighten all screws if needed.


Stretch out each bungee cord on side of your stroller’s seat and unbuckle it now too to attach them. This step is very important as this will prevent the stroller from tipping over.


Attach the bars of both strollers with a clamp by sliding them under any sidebar and tightening the screws to hold them in place.

Once you have done all of these steps, your child should be safe and sound in their Graco Travel System stroller. Opening up this amazing product is easy. To keep your child safe, you must follow these steps precisely.

How Do I Open Newer Models Of The Graco Strollers?

The newer models of Graco strollers are similar to the old ones, but they do have some new upgrades.


After you remove the fabric cover from your car seat base, pull up on the yellow strap and remove it from its loop.


Push down on the red button that says “press” and pull the belt out from under your child’s car seat.


Make sure you put both ends of the car-seat belt under the chest clip evenly, then push down firmly on both sides of the buckle to tighten it.


Sit in your car with your child before placing him/her in their car seat.


Put the belt under the chest clip and make sure it’s even on both sides of the buckle base to avoid discomfort for either you or your child.


Make sure you pull up firmly on both ends of the belt and adjust it until it is even before you attach it to the car seat.


Reattach the buckle on both sides of the car-seat base by clicking it flat against the base.

Graco Click-Connect Stroller


Place your baby into his/her stroller base. You can then put the belt straps over both of your child’s shoulders to attach the chest clip.


Attach both sides of the buckle by clicking them flat against the car seat base. After this, you are ready to go.


Sit in your car first before placing your child into his/her car seat. You can now attach the belt to the car seat by pushing it through the loops on both sides of the base.


Pull up firmly on both ends of the belt and tighten it until it is even.

Graco Fast Action Fold Stroller


Before you attach the car seat to the base, fold both strollers and push down on the handle.


Once it is in an upright position, unbuckle and remove any fabric covers from your car seat bases.


Attach each buckle by pushing them flat against their bases and pushing down on the red button that says “press.”


Sit in your car with your child before placing him/her into their car seat. You can then take the belt off of both shoulders and attach it to the chest clip.


To tighten up both sides of the buckle, pull firmly on both ends of the belt until it is even.

The Graco car seat travel system comes in a wide range of colors and styles that will help you find the perfect one for your lifestyle.

How Do I Open An Older Model Graco Stroller?

Pry the plastic wheel caps off with a screwdriver.

When you have them out, remove the wheel.

Remove the screws from the wheel axle clamp and slide it out of the frame.

Open up the rear fender cover and detach its buckle strap from where it is inserted into a metal ring or eyelet on either side of the frame.

Remove the screws and remove the silver metal fender covers. Remove the screws from either side of the frame and take off the canopy.

Detach the wrist strap on each side of where you removed it from where they are inserted into a metal ring or eyelet on either side of the frame.

  1. Open up each front wheel rim at its seams and take it apart by removing the screws. Take off the leg rest on one side of the frame and remove its straps.
  2. Remove the handlebar on each side of where you removed it from where they are inserted into a metal ring or eyelet on either side of the frame, then remove the screws.
  3. Remove either strap on each side of where you removed them from where they are inserted into a metal ring or eyelet on either side of the frame.
  4. After all this, you should be able to remove the seat and detach its straps. After that, take off the canopy and finally, take out the front wheels and push down each rear wheel rim so you can slide it through the frame.
  5. When all this is done, the pushchair should be free to separate into two parts.

What is a Graco Click Connect stroller?

Graco is a leading manufacturer of baby products including strollers, car seats, and high chairs. A Graco Click Connect parkway stroller is a combination of the most popular features from both the travel system and the stroller type with some extra added benefits.

How to open Graco travel system stroller
How to open Graco travel system stroller

It has a long lifespan as you can use it with or without the infant car seat. It is lightweight and has the option of single or double seating to save space when it is not in use. It also folds easily for storage and transport.

What are the benefits of owning a Graco Click Connect stroller?

  1. A Graco Click Connect stroller gives you the freedom to take your child anywhere with ease.
  2. You can easily use it for all stages of your baby’s growth.
  3. The stroller can be used for newborns to about 45 pounds with the infant car seat, or up to 50 pounds when your child is sitting upright without the car seat.
  4. You get convenience and comfort “at an affordable price”.
  5. It has features like cup holders, a reclining back, a storage basket, an adjustable handlebar, and lockable front wheels.

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What are the features of Graco Click Connect strollers?

  • The seats recline in multiple positions for your child’s comfort.
  • The canopy goes all the way to the ground for protection on bright days or naps!
  • They can be used with or without car seats on most models.
  • The seats are removable, but not independently.
  • It has locks on the front wheels for stability while using the baby car seat attachment.
  • Also included is a parent tray with cup holders and an additional storage basket for necessities while out and about.

How do I find Graco stroller coupons?

You can use the same coupon codes you would for other baby items. Graco offers coupons and discounts on its website, a rewards program for loyal consumers, and a sale section with online bargains.

You may find some good deals at the end of the stroller’s page or in its accessories category.

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What is a Double Graco Stroller?

A double stroller is a perfect way to double the fun while you and your partner go on a stroll together. You can find strollers that allow two babies or two toddlers to be seated at the same time.

While these models are usually more expensive than regular ones, they provide comfort and give your child someone to play with when you need them to be quiet for a while.

There is no group of kids who do not like playing with each other. If you think your child will be able to handle this situation, then buying a double stroller is the best idea for you and them!

Where can I buy Graco Strollers?

Graco has its store on Amazon where you will find all kinds of models at very affordable prices.

You can also buy them online on

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Toys ‘R Us
  • Babies R Us and

These are the main baby supply stores where you will find a wide array of strollers at different prices but with similar features. You may also purchase directly from the website by clicking “shop now”.

How much do Graco strollers cost?

The price depends on the model that you want, but it is always affordable and reasonable for the quality and features that they offer.

The more additional features you get, such as a parent tray or child tray, locking front wheel, and an adjustable handlebar, the higher the price will be.

No matter the model that you choose, it will be a great investment and something very practical.

Are Graco strollers safe?

Graco is a trusted company and all its products go through the necessary safety tests. All models receive very good ratings for safety and you can find most of them with Air Protect technology, which means they absorb the impact if your baby gets into an accident.

The best way to choose a model that will be perfectly safe for your baby is to read the product descriptions and specifications to see if they meet the requirements.

Are Graco strollers durable?

Graco has a long history of developing high-quality, innovative products. Their models are usually made from very sturdy materials and have solid construction.

You can also add on various accessories for extra protection and comfort.

What is the best Graco Stroller?

If you are looking for a lightweight, easy model to transport from place to place with a decent storage basket, adjustable handlebar, and locking front wheel, then you should consider the Graco LiteRider Click Connect.

It also comes equipped with a child tray and parent tray, and it is the choice of many parents who need a smaller model.

The Graco Relay Click Connect is one of best selling strollers with car seat compatibility and it has a large storage basket for all your baby supplies.

It has an affordable price and comes with a five-point harness system to keep your child secure while you are on the go.

The Graco Affix is a rear and front-facing stroller with a tall handlebar, protective canopies on both sides, a child tray, and car seat compatibility.

It comes in different color combos for your convenience. The wheels are made from a durable rubber material that does not get stuck too easily.

The Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect is an innovative product that allows you to quickly fold and go, as well as switch from a jogging mode to a strolling one.

It comes with a parent tray and child tray for beverages and snacks, as well as car seat compatibility.

What is the disadvantage of owning a Graco Click Connect stroller?

The car seat can only be used on the stroller frame once your baby reaches a certain weight. The stroller is compatible only with the Graco Snugride 35, 35 LX, and 35 Platinum series of infant car seats. And it does not come with a cup holder or storage bag.

It is also heavier than other strollers, which makes it difficult to lift. It is also more expensive than other strollers in its category.

A travel system or just the car seat?

You do not need to buy a travel system if you want to use your Graco car seat with another Graco stroller. You can easily install it and detach the car seat from the stroller when needed, as long as they are both Click Connect compliantly.

You can also buy the Graco SnugRide Click Connect Car Seat separately and switch it between your car and stroller, without having to worry about compatibility issues.

What about what color stroller do you want?

This is your personal choice. There are many beautiful color combinations available for you to choose from, depending on the model that you purchase.

You may want to check out the product pages to see all the different color combos and pick the one that matches your needs and preferences.

How do you decide between an umbrella stroller or a full-size one?

Umbrella strollers are more lightweight and compact, which is why they are a good choice for travel. Full-size strollers may be used from birth and have a higher weight capacity, as well as extra features such as bigger canopy coverage or all-wheel suspension.

Some parents prefer the ease of an umbrella stroller that can easily fit in their vehicle and provide a comfortable ride for the baby.

Others prefer a full-size stroller that can seat an older child or accommodate a parent tray with beverages and snacks while going on walks in the park.

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Graco is a trusted brand that has been in the business of making children’s products since 1946. The company sells everything from high chairs to car seats, and they have one of the widest selections on strollers as well–including travel systems with infant car seats!

The Garco Stroller is an excellent chair for children. You can use it while traveling by car and while walking in the park. However, you must use it carefully when using. Your baby may have problems if you make a little mistake, so use it carefully.

If you have any questions about Graco Stroller, don’t forget to comment below.

Thank you for reading this blog post for so long.

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