What To Say To Someone Who Came Back From Travel: 15 Basic Questions

What to say to someone who came back from travel! Coming back from a trip is always a weird feeling.

You come home and everything seems the same, but it’s not. Your life has changed in some way, even if it’s just being more aware of your surroundings.

However, you also have to deal with friends who are curious about where you went on vacation or what places you’ve visited recently.

Here are some suggestions for how to answer their questions without sounding like an obnoxious braggart!

What To Say To Someone Who Came Back From Travel

Feel free to let anyone know what your trip was like after you left the trip, and share your experiences with them.

Remember, No one has the same travel experience as you do, and it’s perfectly fine to talk about your trip.

If you don’t feel like sharing all of the details, that’s okay too- just let your friends know how it went!

What to say to someone who came back from travel
What to say to someone who came back from travel

What To Say To Someone Who Came Back From Travel! Saying “It was great!” or some other generic response might not be enough to convey the level of your trip’s awesomeness. So try talking about specific parts that impacted you most!

For example, “The people were really friendly there. They always wanted to include us in whatever they were doing, even if it meant just letting us eat with them at the table.”

What To Say To Someone Who Came Back From Travel! Or “The food was so delicious! We ate every meal at the family-owned restaurants, and it was always made with love.”

If you can give people a taste of what your trip was like through stories and descriptions, they’ll get excited for you and want to ask more questions about your adventures!

What To Say To Someone Who Came Back From Travel! At the same time, it can be easy to forget that other people might not share your excitement for all things travel.

Let them ask questions and answer in a way that respects their curiosity, while also sharing how you know what you just said is true.

What kind of questions do you face after returning from a trip?

Here are 15 sorts of questions your friend or neighbor might ask after returning from a trip, and here are some sorted questions and answers:

1. Give A Warm Welcome

If your friend or neighbor asks a question after returning from a trip, congratulate him or her first. Assure them that you will tell them everything slowly. Be patient with your friend or neighbor.

After a long journey, exchange greetings with them first. Then share your travel experiences with them. And try to answer the questions they ask.

2. Tell Them About Your Travels

If your friend or neighbor asks you to tell them about your travel experiences, talk about the places, people, and culture which you will never forget.

You may also take photos with you. Show them the photos taken in your journey. Talking about this will revive their memories of your trip.

3. Did You See Any Interesting Wildlife Or Landmarks

People ask this question to know if you have visited a national park or wildlife sanctuary. Tell them whether you have seen any wild animals on your trip.

But it is also possible that you did not see any wild animals. You can talk about the other interesting things you saw on the trip.

4. Were there any customs that surprised you

Customs vary from country to country. You can talk about the cultural differences of a particular place or country you have visited.

For example- in Japan, people bow low while greeting each other whereas in India it is customary to touch the feet of elders when they meet after a long time.

You may also share some glimpses of foreign culture. You can describe some funny events or incidents about the customs of different countries.

5. Tell me about your favorite place.

When your friend or neighbor asks you a question about your favorite place, tell them the best parts of the journey. Be brief and concise while talking about this part.

You can also direct them to some travel sites which they can visit to know more about your favorite place.

6. How did you travel

When your friend or neighbor asks you a question about the mode of transport, tell them how easy it was to travel from one place to another in that country.

You can also talk about the different modes of transport available in that country.

If you have traveled by road then praise the roads and if you have taken a flight then praise the airways.

7. Was it safe to travel alone

Tell your friend or neighbor about the safety aspects of a particular country you have visited. Also, tell them how you felt during the journey.

Describe both negative and positive points of the journey. Give an honest reply, even if they ask you whether it was safe for women to travel alone in that country.

8. How was the food?

If your friend or neighbor asks you a question about the food on your trip, tell them what is popular and widely available in that place.

For example- if you have traveled to Japan then talk about sushi, sashimi, and Tempura; if you have traveled to India then talk about various kinds of paranthas (bread) and the famous street food of that place.

Inform them about available cuisines in your country and tell them how tasty it was.

9. How Much Did It Cost

It is okay to share your budget with them after preparing a rough estimate of the expenses. Do not give an exact figure, rather just say that you spent “around $xxx”.

If someone asks any further questions then you can talk about it in detail.

Ask them whether they would like to visit that place or not. If they are planning to travel then you can share your experience with them so that they can plan their journey accordingly.

If you have traveled through an authorized operator, business partner, or agent, talk about the services provided to you by them.

You can also tell them about how well-organized it was and how punctual they were.

10. What Did You Do During The Trip?

If your friend or neighbor asks about what you did during the trip, tell them everything in detail. Mention where you went on vacation with your favorite places.

Talk about it in detail so that they can understand what they experienced in their mind. Show them pictures or videos of your trip.

11. How was the weather?

If your friend asks how the weather was during your trip, tell them that you were comfortable with it. You could say that sometimes you felt hot or cold because of the time of day.

But overall it was fine for travel. And also you liked the different climate every day of your trip.

12. What Did You Carry On Your Trip?

If your friend asks about what carried on during your trip, tell them that you had very few things with you.

Tell them that you liked taking fewer things on the trip because it was easier to travel without too many heavy bags. And also this way of traveling made it more fun for you.

13. Where Did You Stay?

If your friend asks about where you stayed during the trip, tell them that you stayed in many different places like hotels and rented houses.

And also sometimes with family or friends who lived on your travel route who let you sleep on their couch for a night.

14. Did anything go wrong?

If your friend asks if anything went wrong during the trip, tell them that there were some problems like delays or slow traffic. But overall everything was fine and you had a good time.

Tell your friend that they should go on more trips because it will make them happier and healthier in their life! And also, traveling is fun!!

15. What Will You Do Next?

You can talk about the exciting things happening in your life, which they might be unaware of.

If they ask this question, again and again, tell them that you want to take a break for some time before deciding what to do in the future. Don’t reveal anything specific you want to do after taking a break.

After all, they are your good friends and not your career counselors.

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What Do I Say When Someone Says “Landed Safely, And Going Home”?

Congratulating them on a successful journey and asking about their travel is a great way to start. This is especially important if you’re interested in the same type of travel since this allows you to learn more firsthand.

For example, you could say “What was your Favorite part of the trip?” or “What was your favorite thing that happened?”

The receiver will likely be open to answering because they just returned from their adventure, and might feel like it’s pretty much all worth repeating.

From there, it’s up to how much information they are willing to share with you-both in terms of where they traveled and how long their trip was.

You can keep trying different questions until one person tells you enough about their trip to satisfy you!

What do you say when someone asks me how your trip was?

You could tell her that it was an amazing experience for you because it was your first time going on a solo trip.

You could also tell them that you got a chance to meet many wonderful people and do some amazing activities that you never would have imagined doing.

If they ask about what happened during your trip, try saying that there were no problems with the journey, and it went very smoothly from beginning to end.

You could also tell them that you were always happy to be on the go. And finally, you could tell them that it was a very different kind of trip for you because you traveled in the public transportation system.

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How do I say I’m happy to be back home?

“I’m super happy to be back home!” or “It feels good to be back in my old routine again.” You could also tell them that you were very much looking forward to coming home.

What do I say when someone asks if I had any problems during my trip?

“The journey was problem-free!” or “It was a pretty smooth ride overall.” You could also tell them that there were no problems whatsoever with the journey.

There is nothing wrong with being honest and telling them in this case, you would have had to lie if you said that there were problems.

What do I say when someone says “Have a safe trip”?

“Thank you!” is the best thing you could tell them since they are just offering good wishes to you on your journey.

You could also ask them about their travel plans because it will be nice to hear about different parts of the world that they might have gone to visit.

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Be careful when talking to your friends or relatives about what happened during your trip. So that you do not say anything unwanted, it can be a problem. Before you answer the question, listen carefully to the question, understand then answer the question.

If you are not sure about the question, take a moment to think about it. Remember that sometimes people ask “how was your trip” just out of courtesy or politeness. Just smile and say thank you for asking!

If you want to know more about what to say to someone returning from a trip, please comment below.

Thank you for reading this paragraph for so long!

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