How To Travel Without Id Greyhound: Amazing 11 Tips Greyhound Without Id Card

How to travel without id greyhound! Greyhound is one of the most popular options for long-distance travelers in the United States because they offer affordable prices, dependable service, and clean buses. However, you need an ID to purchase tickets online.

You can either buy a fake ID, borrow one from a friend, or travel without an ID. Traveling without an ID is possible but there are some risks involved.

If you forgot your ID at home or don’t have one for whatever reason, this article will show you how to travel without an id greyhound.

How To Travel Without Id Greyhound

It is not possible to ride a greyhound without a valid photo ID in most cases, and using any kind of fake ids is also strictly prohibited.

This means if you wish to travel without an ID, you will have to rely on friends and family members with valid IDs.

The simplest way is to ask someone who lives in the same city as you do to purchase a ticket for you and give it to you when they pick up their tickets.

You can then show that ticket at the station when you arrive and the driver will let you on.

How to travel without id greyhound
How to travel without id greyhound

Keep in mind that this option is only available to those who live near enough to a greyhound station where they can make it to pick up your ticket in time if needed.

Another way how to travel without an id is by borrowing a valid ID from someone, but make sure it’s not a fake ID!

In most cases, the driver will recognize a false id, even if you can trick your way past bouncers and bartenders.

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This option is also quite risky because if someone finds out that you borrowed their ID for it, they may call the police, and then greyhound will be able to sue you.

The third option is showing an ID that belongs to your parents. This is not a great option because while some drivers might let you on, many of them won’t do it and may even call the police.

11 Tips When Traveling With Greyhound Without Id Card

1. Keep A Watch On Your Luggage And Belongings

This is the most important tip. While you’re waiting for your bus or boarding it, don’t go and take a nap or anything because if someone steals your luggage with all your clothes and other essentials, you will be in quite a lot of trouble.

luggage Greyhound
luggage Greyhound

It’s always better to keep a watch on your things as much as possible.

2. Never Show Signs Of Criminal Activity

If you have a record, don’t think that showing up at the station with an ID belonging to someone else means you are free from scrutiny because this is one of the first things the driver will check for.

It’s better to carry some cash on your person so that if they do detain you, you can show that you have money to pay for a bus ticket on your own.

3. Do Not Venture Off Too Far From The Bus Station

If you decide to go wandering around the city after getting your ticket, make sure you stick around until it’s time for boarding the bus.

This may take several hours and if you suddenly realize that your bus is about to leave, then don’t panic!

You can always call someone who has a valid id to pick up the ticket for you at the station, or you can walk back home and get your passport.

4. Try Avoiding The Bus Bathrooms

Some people handle their business in the bus’s bathroom, but don’t do this! If you need to use the washroom badly, then wait till it comes to a complete stop at a station and then goes.

TMC RTS Diecast Bus MTA New York City Transit 1:87

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The only way it works is when someone makes eye contact with another person on the bus before leaving their seat to use the washroom.

5. Don’t Be Loud And Obnoxious

Keep to yourself if you’re breaking the law because this will only raise more attention on you, which may not necessarily lead to your arrest but definitely will increase suspicion if someone inquires about what you are doing.

6. Keep A Sack Of Snacks With You At All Times

Since you can’t get off the bus at any station, it’s good to always keep some water and food with you. If you don’t like eating on the bus or can’t afford anything there.

Then bring along something that doesn’t require refrigeration so that you won’t have to spend money on meals.

7. Always Carry An ID Proof With You

If you still think that anyone can board the bus without identification proof, then at least make sure to carry your student card or some other photo identity proof.

This will save you from a lot of trouble in case police officials ask you to show it.

8. Arrive early and carry a jacket or blanket if it’s cold

If you’re not aware, bus stations can get quite cold at the night. So it’s always better to come before seven at night and expect that you will be sitting in your seat for several hours.

You should also carry a jacket or blanket with you because this is something that helps while traveling long distances on buses.

9. Never give false information

This is an absolute no-no, so don’t even try it! If anyone asks you questions while boarding, answer them truthfully and politely.

It’s better not to get involved with policy matters so just tell the driver the truth about the situation.

10.  Be cautious at all times

If you are found to be traveling without an ID, the police will detain you and take you into custody.

You should then show them your bank account details or ask them to contact someone who can vouch for you so that they know you’re not lying about anything else.

If you have a fake id, surrender it right away because trying to use it will only make your situation worse.

If there is anyone else who can vouch for you being a passenger on the bus without an ID, then bring them along as well.

It’s also important to note that if you travel again with a greyhound after this incident and don’t have an ID, your chances of being let on are pretty slim.

What to do if you get caught traveling with Greyhound without An ID card

If you are caught trying to travel without an ID or any other form of identification, then greyhound reserves the right to confiscate your ticket and take you into custody until everything has been sorted out with the police.

What to do if you get caught traveling with Greyhound without an ID card:

1. Keep your cool and don’t panic even if the police ask you questions about the situation because this will only make things worse for you!

2. You must cooperate with Greyhound officials who are handling the problem so that they know you aren’t trying to be uncooperative in any way.

3. If there is someone who can vouch for you, then bring them along so that things go faster and smoother.

Corgi Toronto Transit Commission New Look Fishbowl 

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4. Show the greyhound officials any pharmacy cards or other identity proofs if at all possible so that they understand your predicament a little better.

5. Don’t miss your bus even if you have to pay a fine because there is a possibility that your ticket will be confiscated and you won’t be able to travel with greyhound again.

6. Keep a small backpack or a bag with you at all times just in case things go awry because it’s going to take some time to sort this entire problem out.

How to travel without id greyhound
How to travel without id greyhound

Which is better – Greyhound or Megabus?

Megabus is a much better option to travel by if you have a limited budget and want the cheapest deal possible. The only two things that greyhound offers that Megabus doesn’t are free wifi and power outlets.

Also, as far as transportation goes, both buses do almost the same thing so there isn’t a difference between riding them or not.

So, if you don’t need a power outlet or wifi, then I would suggest that you save a few bucks and take the Megabus from Toronto to Hamilton instead of Greyhound.

Because this will not only help you in saving some extra money but it’ll also offer you an adventure through nature!

1. Purchasing the Ticket

Megabus offers daily bus services between Hamilton and Toronto. So, the next time you visit Canada or are planning to visit within the next few months, make sure that you avail this opportunity to take a scenic trip with Megabus.

Being an inter-city trip, it is also much cheaper than other modes of transportation like driving down (which would cost you more than $50 for gas) or taking the train (you’d have to pay for parking).

So, all in all, if you’re looking forward to traveling on a budget then I would highly recommend you take this trip!

2. The Journey-Comfort

Megabus is a double-decker bus and not your regular Greyhound coach; however, the seats are quite comfortable and there is more leg space offered as well.

3. The Journey-Time

It takes around 7 hours to reach Toronto from Hamilton by Megabus but this time could be shortened if you’re lucky enough to get a seat on the VIP bus.

4. The Journey-Entertainment

If you’re a movie buff, then there is free wifi that’ll keep you entertained throughout your journey. Also, if you want to work out or stretch your muscles a bit before reaching Toronto, then there are power outlets present as well!

5. Arriving in Toronto

It takes approximately 2 hours to reach Union Station from Hamilton by Megabus. However, the bus drops you off at a location that isn’t very convenient for tourists so make sure you ask the driver where exactly he is going to drop you off before boarding.

6. Always carry an ID proof with you

Even though I don’t think it’s at all necessary to carry ID proof along with you while traveling between Toronto and Hamilton, one never knows what could go wrong.

So, make sure you always keep your passport or driver’s license in your wallet just in case any unforeseen situations should arise.

Is traveling on Greyhound safe?

Greyhound is one of the safest modes of transportation between Hamilton and Toronto if you’re carrying ID proof with you.

The main reason for this is that Greyhound employees are trained to be very strict about checking IDs so they can ensure that no underage teenagers or kids travel without their parents present.

Also, there have been multiple instances in the past where Greyhound employees have helped tourists in case they get lost.

So, you can rest assured that traveling by bus will give you an extremely safe and secure feeling while onboard!

What are Greyhound’s departure times and fare?

Greyhound operates three different services between Hamilton and Toronto; hence, you should check up on their timings, fares, and availability before you plan your trip.

Timings: The 3 buses between Hamilton and Toronto come at 5:50 am, 11:30 am in the noontime, and 9:45 pm.

Fare: Greyhound’s one-way fare for this route is a mere $14.

Availability: All the 3 buses are extremely available on this route so you don’t have to worry about anything!

So, there you go! Everything that I could think of while planning my trip with Greyhound. Now, it’s your turn to share everything that you know about traveling on a budget between Hamilton and Toronto. Just take a second to post your views as comments below!

Does Greyhound accept prepaid debit cards?

No, Greyhound does not accept prepaid debit cards as forms of payment for bus tickets.

They only accept cash so make sure you carry enough money with you to purchase your ticket before boarding the bus.

Can you buy a Greyhound ticket using Cash?

Yes, you can use cash to buy your Greyhound bus tickets between Hamilton and Toronto.

All you have to do is just go to the counter at the station, tell them that you’d want to purchase a ticket right now, and pay them in cash!

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What are the stops that the bus makes?

Megabus makes 3 different pick-ups and drop-off options near Hamilton station; however, you should make sure that you choose the one which is most convenient for you.

1. The main bus stop (Burlington St E @ John St S)

The location is a pretty decent one so if you want to pop out and grab a bite or pick up some last-minute groceries for your trip, then this is where you need to get off.

2. The main bus stop (Burlington St E @ Caroline St N)

This location is a few meters away from the previous one so if you don’t feel like walking then just choose this option right next to it!

3. The Union Station Bus Stop (79 York Blvd)

If you’re someone who prefers traveling in a relaxed manner and you know exactly where to go at Union station, then make sure that’s the one you choose.

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What is the food that is served on board?

Greyhound bus doesn’t provide any complimentary meals or snacks while you’re on board; however, if you’re traveling between Hamilton and Toronto then there are several restaurants, cafes, and food joints that you can stop by at along the way.

I know a couple of restaurants that I think are extremely good!

  • The Black Forest Inn (located in Burlington)
  • Swiss Chalet (located in Oakville)
  • Milestone’s Restaurant (located in Milton)

How can I travel with a greyhound without an ID?

Greyhound requires you to provide them with at least two forms of ID proof so they can ensure that you are who you claim to be.

The best alternatives for this would be your passport details, credit card statement, social security number, or even any utility bill that’s sent to your home’s address.

Can I travel to Greyhound without a ticket?

Yes, you can travel with Greyhound without a ticket too.

However, you mustn’t do this because if the bus employees catch you then they will ask you to buy a new one.

Can you get on Greyhound without ID?

No, Greyhound doesn’t let you onboard if you don’t provide them with a valid form of ID proof.

The only way that you can get on board without an ID would be to book a ticket online and then just print it out before boarding the bus!

What is the best way to travel to Greyhound?

To maximize your savings when traveling between Hamilton and Toronto, you should go for the tickets that are purchased in advance.

That’s because they are extremely cheap so you get to save a lot of money while traveling!

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So when you’re ready to start planning your next trip, don’t forget to pack a few essentials in your carry-on bag – and be sure not to leave home without it!

If you’ve been wondering how to travel without an ID, we hope this guide has answered many of your questions and concerns.

Remember that Greyhound does not require photo identification for customers who purchase tickets in person at the station, but they do ask for one if purchased online or over the phone.

We recommend all travelers bring some form of photo identification with them when boarding their bus.

However, it is possible to get on without one provided there are no issues with your credit card information (which should be verified before departure).

If you have any questions about this article, please leave them below!

Have a nice trip!

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